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Uleala Cognitive assessment test will help your organization to evaluate candidates’ overall mental ability; ability to comprehend, quickly learn, solve problems and achieve performance targets. Cognitive assessment skills will help you find out how well your candidates will perform on the job before you hire them. Cognitive tests can accurately predict more about candidate capabilities than face to face interviews. The assessment scores will tell how well an employee will learn new skills through training and development programs and how well an applicant will perform in the new job role.

Uleala’s cognitive ability tests are used to measure applicants’ analytical, numerical, verbal, abstract thinking, quantitative, and spatial reasoning abilities. Cognitive aptitude tests provide significant insights into employee ability to adapt to changing situations, participate proactively, and meet or exceed performance benchmarks.

Our top cognitive ability tests include quantitative aptitude test, problem-solving assessment, reading comprehension test, attention to detail test, situational judgement test, and emotional intelligence test and more. They are designed to measure an applicants’ potential to use their mental processes and solve work-related problems and acquire new job-related skills.

Uleala Cognitive assessment test questions are presented in multiple-choice, multiple answers, sentence completion, true-false, or short answer formats.

Uleala cognitive ability test measure:

  • Reading comprehension: Assess the language skills of job applicants and employees
  • Quantitative aptitude: Math, analytics, and statistics based questions to evaluate problem-solving skills and numerical ability
  • Reasoning ability: Analyze inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and intuition
  • Problem-solving skills: Measure the problem-solving abilities of entry-level and experienced candidates
  • Attention to detail: Analyze candidates applying for jobs in financial institutions, data analytics, quality analysis, and more.
  • Situational judgment: Use hypothetical situations to evaluate reasoning skills, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities
  • Emotional Intelligence: Evaluate a candidate’s social-awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and empathy

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Cognitive assessment skills will help you find out how well your candidates will perform on the job before you hire them..
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